Missions, values and objectives


Mission : offer a short-term help and shelter services in a safe environment for women (with or without children) who are victims of domestic violence. Promote women's empowerment using the feminist approach to achieve equality between women and men. Prevent and counter the domestic violence as a social issue through public awareness, legal defense and collaboration with different partners.

Vision : to be an important reference in domestic violence in Laval, both with the partners and the public, and to make the organization shine in its singularity.


RESPECT : having regard to oneself, others and the environment, in both our actions and words.

SOLIDARITY : team up: group together to be stronger. Solidarity aims at the collective resumption of power.

AUTONOMY : ability to respond to one's own needs, to make and take decisions, while taking into account those around and the environment.

EQUITY : willingness to understand and act to balance the equality of all, according to the individual's own needs, taking into account the group and the environment.

AUTHENTICITY : to be as truthful, frank and honest as possible, and act accordingly.

SOCIAL JUSTICE : fighting inequalities and promoting the rights of women and their children to aim for individual, social and collective change.

OBJECTIVES 2019-2020

Ensure the confidentiality of a free and warm living environment;

Accompany women and their children as they are experts in identifying their needs by empowering them for a greater recovery of themselves. (EMPOWERMENT);

Promote the consolidation of the mother-child bond through participation in family activities.

Inform and raise awareness of the domestic violence’s phenomenon;

Promote the rights of women and their children through consultation with various partners in Laval.

* The objectives identified for the year 2019-2020 will be measured from annual statistics and compilation of women’s residence report.